Why we are here

We are here to tell you why Scott Winter deserves to receive tenure. On this site, you can read testimonies from studentsalumni and professionals that Scott has worked with, whom all firmly back our stance. You can make comments and ask questions, too.

Scott is up for tenure in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications. The tenured faculty of the journalism sequence voted 4-4 on whether he should get it; then revoted after Scott appealed and deadlocked 5-5.

Then the College Promotion and Tenure Committee voted 4-0 not to support his candidacy. Next, the interim dean chose not to overrule. Now the issue goes to Senior Vice Chancellor Ellen Weissinger.

They say while Scott met the requirements in teaching and service, he did not in scholarly and creative contributions. In addition to a full load as a professor, Scott was a recruiter for the college, with only 10 percent of his time dedicated to research from 2008-2009, then 20 percent in 2010, then 25 percent in 2011-2012.

His deans’ six positive evaluations and Promotion and Tenure Committee’s annual evaluations indicated he’d met the requirements from 2007 until 2012, when the membership on the PT committee changed. He was told his research was satisfactory in 2011.

This is despite the fact that he produced three student magazines, administered a grant and produced a Native Daughters curriculum. He has a contract to write a book for the University of Nebraska Press.

The college has won 47 Hearst awards since he arrived, 19 by his recruits and 40 whose authors were taught by Winter before or during the award, 13 of them directly out of his class or a team-taught class. In the last three years, 11 of the 30 award-winning stories were produced in his class. Last year, 7 of the 12 winning stories were produced in his class.

He’s won a UNL parents’ association and teaching counsel award every year he’s been eligible, eight in a row.

He won two national awards from AEJMC, the most recognized journalism education organization in college education.

His student evaluations have always been excellent, with numbers only going up with each year. We believe they are the highest in the college.

He’s taught journalism in Kosovo, India, Ethiopia and the Dominican Republic and and wrote curriculum for the World Media Academy in India. He served as production professor for both Native Daughters projects and Bolivia Reborn.

Guest speakers in his classes have included four-time National Magazine Writer of the Year Gary Smith, former Sports Illustrated writer Joe Posnanski, senior Esquire writer Cal Fussman and Pulitzer-prize winning photographer John Moore.


He’s a member of two boards for the Journalism Education Association.

He’s been the keynote or seminar speaker at national workshops and conventions for high school journalists since 1996 and have spoken at state conventions in 15 states.

He’s judged professional, scholastic, state and national newspaper and online news contests such as the Online News Association Awards and the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association Newspaper of the Year Awards.

He’s served on three university committees.

His narrative nonfiction published in Midwestern Gothic was nominated for a 2014 Pushcart Prizes and Best American Essays 2014.

A teaching article was published in City University of New York’s 2013 Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy.

Another narrative nonfiction piece was published in In the Fray magazine in 2013.

A teaching article was published with AEJMC.

A narrative nonfiction article about teaching was published in the American Journalism Review in 2012.

Four narrative storytelling publications in Communication: Journalism Education Today, the quarterly magazine for high school journalism teachers, 2010-2012.

Native Daughters curriculum guide and summer institute as part of a $23,000 Nebraska Humanities grant, the product of which is used in public schools throughout Nebraska and in Portland, Minneapolis, Denver and others.

He’s also published multiple pieces of journalism in national arenas.

Students credit Scott for helping them get internships and jobs, and specifically noted him saying they wouldn’t have gotten the following internships or jobs without Scott: It’s 36 different companies in 14 different states (Minnesota, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Illinois, New York, Missouri, South Dakota, Washington, D.C., California, Florida, Texas, Washington) within the past five years.

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We are here to show the college that Scott Winter deserves to receive tenure.